Monday, September 27, 2010

I love waking up to good news!

Well I've been pretty upset being back in the hospital. I wish that Broderyck could be home, being a normal baby, not having to be poked and prodded all day long. With blood tests at 4 am, x-rays at 5 am and then the doctors coming to do their rounds and looking at him at 7 am. I have been really worried when they tell us that we can go home one day and then add more days. But I have been trying to not get my hopes up, so when the Doctors came in this morning and their talk sounded like we were getting to go home today I got pretty excited. It won't be until later in the day, but still. Especially since everything bad is trending down, he's eating well, his weight is going up, his wound looks a lot better.

 He's going to do his last iv antibiotic today and then they're going to be discontinued. He won't be sent home on antibiotics because there isn't an oral option, and they don't want to do a PIC line. So we'll go home for a couple days and keep changing his dressing and then come back for a check-up and make sure that everything is still trending down. 

Then he gets to switch off the awful low fat formula on October 4th and go back to his regular soy formula he was on pre-surgery. Then of course we'll have to come back again for a check up to make sure he's gaining weight the way he's supposed to and that he isn't showing any signs of Cylothorax. 
I'm really thankful for everyone who has shown their support during this whole ordeal, everyone who has prayed for us, all of the doctors and nurses at Primary Children's Hospital who have taken such good care of Broderyck and who have helped me feel as comfortable as one can while living at a hospital going through these things. But I really hope we won't be back staying for a long time, if ever.

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  1. hey kylie i'm sorry you have had a really hard time i can't imagine what you are going through. if there is anything at all you need just let me know on facebook (this is jamie that worked at spencers btw) we really want to help you two i even have baby boy clothes if you need