Monday, March 29, 2010

Anecia's Living Room Part Dos!!

After completing the "green wall" in Anecia's living room, we decided it was FINALLY time to get rid of that ungodly angel butt wallpaper boarder that has been haunting the living room. After an hour and a half of using Fabric Softener and chisels and getting only about a foot peeled off each, Michael suggested that we just paint over the top of the boarder. 

It of course couldn't just be THAT easy though, we had one minor set back on the way to obtaining the paint...Anecia's jeep decided to break down on the way back to her house and some creepy guy tried to give us a ride. We just called and waited for Michael to come pick us up. Poor poor jeep.

We were a little worried painting over it because the wings of the angels are dark blue and we were thinking we'd be painting a lighter cream color...but when we went to my moms to steal paint, she didn't have a light cream, she had this color called Bramble (that was left over from her painting my little sisters room) so we stole that and we decided that we like it ALOT better than just cream color....AND it covers the wallpaper with just one coat. 

 I am pretty impressed with our "domestic-ness" and I can't wait to move onto the other rooms, and paint my own house!! We did a damn good job, ladies.

Just joined Formspring, lets see what interesting questions I get!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

...Seeing Green...

Projects at Anecia's....
Anecia has lived in her house for a while now, and so I encouraged her to finally put some custom decorating into her house, so had to peel off all the "wrapping paper" wallpaper and once that was off we could sand a bit and then begin the paint planning business. The inspiration was this super cute pillow.
We went to Walmart and got the paint color that Anecia picked out and started the painting process. 
The first stroke....

And finally....the green wall is COMPLETE!